Our Services

General Annual Meeting

Need to get your message out to shareholders online while also hosting a live audience in a live venue? We can help with vision, audio, lighting and the secure end to end web stream needed for your company.

Promo Material

Promotional vision for your website or social media needs to be reflect your company image. Poor quality content does nothing for your brand. iPhone’s are fine for internal but what you show the world needs to be quality.


This is where our TV pedigree will come into it’s own. We have all the high end 4k production cameras, lenses, lighting and audio kit to give your subject the “60 minutes” treatment.

Web Streaming

There are now dozens of ways to stream your event. Whether it’s Zoom, Teams, Youtube, Vimeo, Slido, embedded into your website or a custom designed page, we can help.

Life Events

Live Events need Cameras, Lights & Mics. We’ve got you covered from laptops to run your PPT and Video to Vision switchers to cut your content to screens and streams.

Awards Night

The big night itself also needs comprehensive coverage to capture the speeches and performances. Whether you have a live audience or an online event, we have solutions that will make the event memorable.

Media Training

We often work alongside agencies that provide media training to companies looking to get an edge in the evolving media landscape. From scenario based crisis training to on camera practice and presentation.

Training Videos

Let us help you produce training material for your business. A succinct video is a quick and easy way to get new techniques out to your staff. Making step by step video’s can simplify even the most complex topic.

Greenscreen Studio

Need somewhere to shoot?
We have a mid sized studio with all the equipment needed in our base in Chadstone. Unlimited on street parking. Easy ground level access. Unlimited barista level coffee!

More than just a video

Who needs a professional Camera person?

Everyone it seems. We have supplied cameras to all the major AV com

No Project too big or too small, contact us today!