Award Nights

Running an awards night? We have all the equipment and talented crew you'll need to get the job done. We've covered 1000's of large and small events in all the major venues Melbourne has to offer. Regardless of the scale of your event you can be confident we've done many more just like it, you're in safe hands!

Prior To The Night

To ensure that you are well prepared for your event, we'll work with you to produce any video content that you wish to play on the night, from laptop presentations to pre recorded video clips. We can also build a web page and distribute the links if you are wanting to stream live on the web.

On The Night

Our crew will ensure your event runs to plan, cameras will capture all proceedings, laptops and vision switchers will make sure all the screen content is seamless and recordings are saved for any highlight videos you may want to produce down the track.

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"We offer all the same services as a large production house but without the associated high costs."

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